Suraksha Bandhan Campaign *T&C Apply

Players will practise.

Fans will make Gulf Oil Ads.

Let's come together for csk's title no.6


*T&C Apply

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*T&C Apply

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Gulf Oil surprises CSK players


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Contest Gratification

Gratification will be on a weekly basis:

  • Bonus Winners - CSK Match Tickets*
  • Asli Fan Winners - CSK Jerseys
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Signed Balls*


One fan-made Ad that will feature during one of the CSK Matches before play-offs


Yes, unless stated otherwise by the campaign rules, participants are allowed to submit multiple entries to increase their chances of winning.

Your ad (entry) should not exceed 20 seconds.

Ensure that you have updated to the latest version of Instagram.

No, using the Instagram Filter and incorporating any Gulf Products is not mandatory. However, we encourage participants to make their entries (ads) more interesting by using them.

Scanning the QR code serves as a convenient method for Gulf Oil India to collect entries and track participant engagement efficiently.

Submissions will remain open until the Premier League Playoffs commence.

Tagging Gulf Oil India ensures that your entry is visible to the campaign organizers and increases your chances of being noticed for potential rewards or recognition.

No, make sure to review your submission carefully before uploading to ensure accuracy and completeness.

By participating in the campaign and submitting your entry, you will be granting Gulf Oil India permission to use your creation for promotional purposes.

Gulf Oil India has guidelines and restrictions on the content of submissions, which include avoiding offensive or inappropriate material, mocking the player, or making fun of players.

If you encounter technical issues during submission, such as difficulty scanning the QR code or uploading your entry, please contact Gulf Oil India by sending a direct message (DM) on Facebook or Instagram. We can provide troubleshooting tips or alternative submission methods.

Yes, you can typically share your entry on multiple social media platforms to increase visibility, but make sure to follow the tagging and submission instructions for each platform.

Gulf Oil India may choose to share or repost selected submissions on their official social media accounts as part of campaign highlights or to showcase participant creativity.

Missing the submission deadline typically means your entry will not be considered for the campaign.

Participants can typically use stock images or templates in their submissions as long as they have the necessary rights or licenses to use them. Gulf Oil India will not assume legal responsibility for the use of stock images or templates by participants.

Collaborations between participants are allowed, but it's crucial to ensure that all collaborators are properly credited for their contributions. Gulf Oil India will not be held accountable as how to credit collaborators or how to divide prizes won.

Participants should avoid using copyrighted music or audio in their submissions without proper authorization or licensing, as this could infringe the rights of the copyright holder.